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Carnival_ Album Artwork

Carnival is Inderveer Sodhi's debut studio album. An ode to the heartbreaks and fantasies dreamt by the child within. This musical painting illustrates the evolution of a heartbroken musician who voices the awkward teenager in the back of the classroom. Platinum Dream takes us just moments post-heartbreak, while 1000 Mile Lullaby lets us sit years later agonizing over paths that parted too far from one another. But every journey has to come to an end, and ours concludes with Time. Perhaps a new beginning: a bittersweet farewell thanking our loved one for entering our life once upon a time.




written, composed & produced by Inderveer Sodhi

vocals: Inderveer Sodhi, Justine Crawford, & Jacob Gebrewold


additional vocals: Sari Siyam, Tarik Nasihi, Gupaul Nijjar, Alex Reid & Paula Manrique

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