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Orphaned child Samar works at a restaurant named after his widower boss,

Jason––his new paternal figure who mentors his part-time secret vigilante life

as Zeitgeist, an anonymous therapist for the people of Maddenville.

written and directed by Inderveer Sodhi

produced by Inderveer Sodhi

associate producer: Tarik Nasihi

cast: Inderveer Sodhi, Daniela Estefania, Aman Mann, JP Padda, Tisha Naicker and Aamir Khan

supporting cast: Ebony Jepson, Ivon Shiva Naicker, Bob Bassi, Chandni Appadurai, Vlada Pogoni

Kunwar Dodd, Amit Dhuga, Kelsy Orpen and Prince Goswami

director of photography: Chris Sebastian joys

original score and music by Inderveer Sodhi

edited by Inderveer Sodhi

production manager: Chantele Franz

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