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After losing his innocence, his best friend, and the love of his adolescence,

this coming-of-age gangster drama follows Harman in an hour of his night

within a new life of violence. 

written and directed by Inderveer Sodhi

produced by Inderveer Sodhi

associate producer: Tarik Nasihi

cast: Inderveer Sodhi, Ivon Shiva Naicker, Shaun Gill, Gigi Gill, Arundeep Sandhu and Simran Johar

supporting cast: Robbie Chawla, Melvin Medici, Hina Chawla, Qazi Tariq, Sunveer Sohal, Ronny Gill, Kam Sidhu, Jayson Ghera, Sawtanter Khosa and Mahi Hansrao

director of photography: Aman Bassi

original score and music by Inderveer Sodhi

edited by Inderveer Sodhi

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