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Superhero combines the romantic nuances and playful pathos of Hindi and Tamil film music with the sound of 90's electro-pop. Inderveer Sodhi's 3rd studio album takes you right into heart of Maddenville, featuring Jason's songs from the film that were composed and performed in his restaurant. Inderveer (essaying the role of Samar) lends his voice to the character of Jason, practically disappearing into him as the playback singer. In addition, Fizza lends her magical voice, enveloped in a deep and longing pain, to the character of Meera.


The LP also includes the film's haunting yet soulful background score: layered with riveting acoustic guitar performed by Moksh Amin.

written, composed & produced by Inderveer Sodhi

playback singers: Inderveer Sodhi, Fizza & Aiswarya Challa

guest composer: Daksh Kubba

musicians: Moksh Amin &Shyam Singh

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I've been waiting to share some rough sketches for a long time; here's a collection of audio recordings and alternative versions of songs from the writing and recording sessions of the monster album.

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