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Set in 2003, a terminally-ill man embarks on an escapist road trip to the Okanagan with his unsuspecting pregnant wife. Unbeknownst to them, his influence on strangers during this time shapes their daughter's life through the workings of karma.

written and directed by Inderveer Sodhi

produced by Inderveer Sodhi

co producer: Micah Kelpin

cast: Inderveer Sodhi, Zarina Sterling, Harman Aulakh, Dylan Leonard and Bianca Buchholtz

supporting cast: Ethan Wingrove, Logan McInnes, Xiaoqing Ye, Shane Savage, Hudson Williams,

Mae Belen and Satinder Kassoana

director of photography: Chris Sebastian joys

original score and music by Inderveer Sodhi

edited by Inderveer Sodhi

production manager: Maritama Carlson

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