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Inderveer Sodhi
founder & ceo

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Inderveer Sodhi is a Canadian filmmaker, music composer, and actor. He founded Sodhi Productions Inc. in 2019 prior to the release of his directorial debut, Monster.

Monster was also released theatrically in October 2019 to commercial and critical acclaim across Canada; before heading to Amazon Prime Video for its digital release, the film was showcased on CBC and Global News.

Inderveer started working on the script for Monster in the beginning of 2018 just before his 20th birthday, and wrapped up the project just under 2 years later before starting work on Superhero. Sodhi put on 15 lbs for his role in Monster, and then lost 25 lbs to play Samar Khan / Zeitgeist in Superhero.

Sodhi Productions Inc.

Sodhi Productions is a multimedia production company based in Vancouver, specializing in the production and distribution of feature-length films and studio albums. Founded by Inderveer Sodhi in 2019, the studio has produced and theatrically-distributed two feature films and published three studio albums since its inception. Sodhi’s directorial debut, Monster, a coming-of-age drama based on the gang violence scene in Surrey, was released theatrically in 2019 to commercial and critical acclaim across Canada. His 2nd feature film, Confessions of a Superhero, also sold out its theatrical release in November 2022 and landed the company their first distribution deal with AppleTV.

Austin Peirson
executive assistant

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Austin Peirson is a Canadian writer, video creator and music producer.


His first venture with Sodhi Productions began on Superhero when he interned as a camera assistant for the film. The speed and expertise at which he took on multiple roles on set took us by surprise. Austin has been an integral part of the post-production process on Superhero; he assisted myself and our assistant editor Aman Mann while we were cutting the film shortly after principal photography. His various skillsets make him a perfect addition to the team at Sodhi productions.


Peirson will join us on our next production as an assistant director role, which will go on floors summer 2023.

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